ASC General Meeting Fall Semester 2012

Professor Hillis welcoming everyone and briefing us about what we have lined up for this semester

Fullbrights introducing themselves. This is Shana.

This is Scott

and this is Olivia

Professor Hillis briefing everyone about what we have lined up for this semester

Sahresh, president of ASC thanking everyone for coming and…

…announcing that the only reason team ASC organizes events voluntarily is because of professor Hillis who is their mentor

She also thanked her entire team for committing themselves to ASC and working so hard. A round of applause was given to her super awesome ASC team which consists of Dina, Noor, Aisha, Rana, Fatima, Jenan, Fatima Q., Maryam, Alia and Ebrahim!

Sahr wanted to announce a few new rules at ASC. For which she called two candidates running for vice president, Noor and Dina

Noor announcing the first few rules

Dina proceeding further

Sahr speaking of other events like Marathon Relay, Creative Writing Workshop, Thanksgiving etc.

Shana who is going to be conducting the Creative Writing workshop telling the students what she has in store for us

Professor Hillis mentioning some of the students who are abroad studying

Our cool new fullbrights Shana, Scott, and Olivia!

Group picture

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