Apply For American Studies

Why American Studies?

  • INCREASE YOUR MARKETABILITY – employers are looking for graduates who have a solid grasp of the forces that shape our world today.  As economic and cultural relations with America expand, such students will increase their chances in the job market.

  • IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH – American Studies courses and programs are conducted in English.  In today’s marketplace a firm command of the language is vital.

  • BROADEN YOUR KNOWLEDGE – increasing globalization makes it essential to understand in depth the impact of dominant cultures such as the US on the rest of the world.

  • ADD DIVERSITY TO YOUR UNIVERSITY CURRICULUM – Departments which allow you to take a Minor require you to take 96 credit hours in a particular discipline for the Major plus 30 credit hours for the Minor; otherwise, you will have to take 126 credit hours in the single Major.  So why not diversify your course curriculum and become an American Studies Minor, which allows you to take 10 courses (i.e. 30 credit hours) outside of your Major discipline while graduating with BOTH a Major degree and a Minor degree.

Yes I do want to become an American Studies Minor! What now?

Apply for the American Studies Minor

Print out one of the Minor Application forms below, fill it out, and deliver it to Dr. David Deller, Director of the American Studies Center, in S17-247.

English Form

Arabic Form

English / Arabic Form